Denise makes a decision

“Where do you want to eat?”

“I don’t know. Where do you want to eat?”

“Kez, we can’t go through this again…”

When it comes to indecisiveness, Denise and I take first place in that category. This sort of dialogue is basically what we go through every time we’re together. We even found ourselves stuck in the middle of Bison Square one day because we couldn’t decide where to go. Our other friends continue to make fun of us and roll their eyes when we can’t seem to make a lucid decision. But that’s just how we roll.

Denise Torres is a senior biology major with plans to get a doctorate in physical therapy working with special-needs children. She’s from Jalisco, Mexico, but has lived in the Nashville area for about 16 years. She was young when she lived in Mexico, but she still recalls some parts of the city.

“I remember the central plaza, which is like a big square with benches and trees where people hung out and a lot of the town’s celebrations took place. The church was right next to it too, so a lot of people would be at the plaza after mass.”

She explained that the plaza was where you would find all types of street food. She really liked the fact that everything was within walking distance instead of driving 15 to 20 minutes if you craved something to eat.

When I asked Denise what her favorite kind of food was, she gave me a look that was all too familiar and said, “There’s too many to choose from…” *Indecisiveness for the win!* She then said that she really likes tacos.

“They can go from being super-simple to complex, which I think makes them unique. Basically, if you have a tortilla and something to put in it, you have a taco.” One particular taco she mentioned was tacos dorados, which is essentially a fried taco.

Denise has a special way of bringing people together. She remembers a time as a young child when all of her family would gather at her grandpa’s farm on weekends to just spend time together, playing games with her cousins, running around and having fun. “I love the connection that exists between family and friends. It’s definitely more of a collectivistic culture which I think allows greater bonds to be formed,” she said.

This is definitely seen when she gets us all to hang out. She’s kind of like the glue that keeps us together, making sure that we’re all OK and actually caring about us. It’s probably the one thing she doesn’t have a problem making decisions about, and I really appreciate that about her.

What are some decisions you can easily make that help bring people together?


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  1. I agree with Denise about how she explains the taco. They are my favorite too!

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  2. Hahaha I am the exact same way when people ask me what I want to eat. I so relate to this. I always think movies can be a great thing to bond over by discussing how you feel about them.

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  3. I really love the colors in the picture you used. It sounds like you have a very tight friendship with Denise.

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