Writing Portfolio

Media Advisory

Highlights LACMA’s (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) Director’s Series discussing civic engagement and the power of art.

Fact Sheet

Gives information regarding LACMA, their mission, programs and more background information.

Media Pitch

Two pitches, one for the editor of the magazine “WHERE Los Angeles” and one for the senior entertainment producer of KTLA-TV, that informs them about LACMA’s event.

Video News Press Release

Highlights IHOP’s 12th annual national pancake day to raise awareness and money for three notable children’s charities.

Direct Mail Design

Gives information about a local organization called Thistle Farms, what they’re about and what they provide.


More detailed overview of what Thistle Farms is all about. Explains the mission, vision, past accomplishments and contact information.

Crisis Communication Plan

A prepared process and protocol for any crisis Thistle Farms may face.

Client Proposal

A proposal for Thistle Farms to create a documentary of sex-trafficking and addiction survivors produced by Oprah to be shown on her OWN network to raise awareness and money for the issue.